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The anatomy of a staircase railing

A staircase railing is a balustrade or structure that lines one or both sides of a staircase. A staircase railing is both decorative and functional since it prevents people from falling as they ascend or descend a staircase.

Depending on the staircase railing design, it can consist of:

  • A single handrail attached to a sidewall
  • An all-glass balustrade on one or either side of the staircase
  • A balustrade comprised of several metal/wood balusters topped by a metal/wooden handrail on one or either side of the staircase
  • A balustrade which is a combination of both glass and metal balusters

A staircase railing design comprised of starting posts, finials, balusters, base covers and a handrail is shown below. The balusters are fixed on top of the stairs, covered by a base cover at the bottom.


Here, the balusters are fixed at the side of the steps using a side-mount.


In the below staircase railing design, a combination of glass and metal balusters are used with the help of glass clips


As contemporary alternatives to commercially used stainless steel and glass railings, designs offered by Grande forge are new, original and innovative. Adding the fun in functional, our ranges include classic European and modern railing designs to truly reflect your style- be it modern, traditional or eclectic. Grande forge products are made of rich materials like Swarovski crystals and
brass and come in luxurious finishes like rose gold, black nickel etc. Our products are manufactured using state of the art machinery imported from countries like Germany and are coated with high-quality imported lacquers for longevity. From highly exclusive to budget friendly staircase and balcony railings, we offer wide ranges to suit all budgets.

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